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Linda Hoetink, art studio

Linda Hoetink is a Dutch-born painter and designer living in Boston.


"My training has been in fine arts and art history, but I have collected fabrics and patterns since I was a child," says Hoetink. "Rhythm, balance, and decorative elements have always been present in my work. So it felt like a natural progression to exchange my paintable canvas for printable fabric."


Hoetink's painterly hand is very visible in her wallcoverings — with their sweeping gestures, bold free forms, and nuanced colors. “These are closest to my painting style and, working on them, I feel quite free, like anything goes.” Her patterns, in contrast, are clean and unfussy; but here also a hand–made, artisanal quality is clearly present.


"I find beauty in seeing the human hand behind a design, its imperfections and idiosyncrasies," Hoetink says.

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